What’s My Car Worth? Find Out the True Value of Your Old or Used Car in Perth

When selling a vehicle, it is essential to know the value of the Car or Truck. Speed Car Removal is a professional auto buyer in Perth and offers the following information on how to find out the true value of your vehicle.

Blue Book

The Kelley Blue Book value is an excellent place to start to determine the value of your car or truck. Blue Book offers different values for makes & models of different conditions. Consider the condition of your vehicle, and then choose the value that is closet to your make & condition of a vehicle. If it is in poor condition, don’t expect to be able to list the car for the price it would be if it were in excellent condition.


The classifieds are a place to find similar or like makes & models of cars for sale, so it is an excellent place to see what your make and model of vehicle is going for. As with the Blue Book value, you will need to consider the condition of your car or truck.

Online Car ValuationsUnwanted Car Worth

Online car valuations from companies like Speed Car Removal are also a way to help you to determine a value for your vehicle. We are a Car Removal Company that offers online and over the phone valuations for cars of every make and condition. With us, we value your car and if you think it is a fair value, we’ll put the cash value into your hand today.

Sell Your Car to Speed Car Removal Perth

Selling your car online or over the phone is simple. In fact, so simple that once you accept our offer, you can go about your day until we arrive to buy the vehicle. It is that easy and doesn’t take more than an hour to complete. Our removal process of the vehicle is included in the sale, so there are no costs to get your car or truck sold.

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