Dan T

“My only thought when selling my scrap car was “how?” I assumed I would be lucky if I could get a free removal of the car. I was quite surprised when I called Speed Car Removal. I got a cash quote over the phone from a great appraiser, who only asked for the details on the car. The car was in pretty bad shape, and the cash was more than I had expected. Without a thought, the words “SOLD” came out of my mouth. A car removal was quick to follow and before the day was out, the car was gone, and the cash in my hand. Speed Car Removal was great! The best quote I received and provided convenient removal services that didn’t require I reschedule my day to get the car removed.”

Sarah I

“With no time to sell my used car, and not quite enough cash to get a few minor repairs done, I called Speed Car Removal. What I expected was to receive a lowball offer that left me insulted. I received quite the opposite. I got the value for my car. The appraiser was great, quickly scheduling a removal, and the technician that arrived was great! From start to finish, my experience was “Grand” just as they advertised! Thanks Speed Car Removal!”

Tim L

“I heard about Speed Car Removal after being involved in a collision that left my car damaged. I quickly called the company asking for a quote for my accident car. The appraiser was great, getting all the details and making a fairly nice cash quote. I had no problem accepting the offer and then scheduled an after hour car removal. I got convenient services and a great cash payout. A great closure to a terrible experience. Would definitely recommend Speed Car Removal to everyone in Perth!”