When to Replace Your Brake Pads Perth

Brake Pads

Your owner’s manual may have information of signs that your brakes need replacement, but typically there is no schedule for when to replace the brake pads of a car. Speed Car Removal Perth offers the following information on how to know when your brake pads may need to be replaced.

While there is no schedule for replacing the brakes, you should have the brake pads checked about every six months. The tyres should be rotated, and the pads replaced at the same time. Always read the owner’s manual for your car so that you are aware of all the information that the manufacturer as to offer. Each of the following signs that the brake pads need to be replaced:

The Brake Pedal Vibrates or Pulsates

It takes longer to stop the car.

You must press the brake pedal further down when applying the Brakes

Typically, car owners are familiar with their cars; so, when something out of the ordinary occurs, they should consider it a sign that their car needs the attention of an auto mechanic. Occurrences that are out of the ordinary when it comes to the brakes of the car include that the brake pedal begins to vibrate when driving or braking. You may also find that the steering wheel begins to vibrate.

When you press on the pedal and the pedal requires more pressure from your foot to stop the car, or the pedal goes further down, this is also a sign that the brakes are going bad. An auto mechanic should take a look at the brakes immediately. Also, when the car takes longer to stop, this is another sign that it is vital to get the car to the shop to have the brakes checked.

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