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At Speed Car Removal, get Free Car Removal service that is of premium quality!

We are your car buyer in Perth providing a grand way to sell cars. Get up to $9,999 Cash for cars of any make and condition.

With Our Customers Being Are Our Priority, We Have the Reputation in Perth of The Top Car Removal Company with Services That Are Second To None

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Speed Car Removal offers extensive car removal & cash for car services, including:

  • Scrap Car Removals
  • Unwanted Car Removals
  • Old Car Removals
  • Cash For Old Cars
  • Cash For Used Cars
  • Cash For Accident Cars
  • Accident Car Removals
  • Scrap Car Recycling
  • Wrecked Car Removals
  • Cash For Wrecked Car
  • Free Vehicle Removals
  • Junk Car Removal
  • Cash For Junk Cars
  • Eco-friendly Car Disposals
  • Green Car Disposals
  • Sell Car For Cash
  • Cash for Trucks
  • Free Truck Removals

What Makes Speed Car Removal the Ultimate Car Buyer Perth?

It is pretty hard to beat our buying process and services. Firstly, you start out with an instant cash quote that can be obtained over the phone or online. We cater our services to meet the needs of car owners with every type and condition of a car. For example, if you have a used car, we have the network of used buyers so we can quickly get your car sold. We are so confident with our buyers that we will make you an upfront payment that we guarantee to be our best or highest cash offers of $9999. If you have a scrap car, we are the recyclers that will get the most from the metals of your car. Well, not just the metals. We even recycle the oil and the tyres of the car. If your car has been involved in an auto accident, look no further for the wreckers that pay the most cash for your car. We are the wreckers that will do just that. We dismantle engines, and once the car is nearly a shell, we recycle it. Our expertise in our business – the auto industry, is extensive. So extensive that we can offer you top cash for any condition of the car and provide all our services as a courtesy.

With the services Speed Car Removal provides, car sellers aren’t left feeling short changed. We provide our customers with services that are second to none, and that excel in quickness and convenience when selling a car. With each car we buy, we provide a grand way to sell a car, making cash payments of up to $9,999, and assuring the following services:

  • Free Car Removals: When Speed Car Removal buys your car, you don’t have to leave your property. Our hardworking team is on the go travelling throughout Perth to provide our customers with free removals at times of their convenience. When we make a car seller an offer over the phone or online that is accepted, a car removal follows. Our car removal services in Perth are always at no cost to our customers.
  • Scrap Cars: Scrap cars can be difficult to dispose of. Open plots and landfills can create havoc to the environment as unnecessary pollutants creep into the environment. At Speed Car Removal, we buy scrap cars and provide owners with not just cash, but also with an eco-friendly disposal that leaves the smallest imprint on the environment.
  • Cash for Cars: With our cash for cars payments, our customers get up to $9,999 cash regardless of the make and condition of their car. We are the Car Buyers that buy used, scrap, damaged, fire, flooded, salvaged, accident, etc. cars and pay top dollars.
  • Unwanted Cars: You can get top dollars for your unwanted car at Speed Car Removal. With the buying power to buy any make and condition of a car, you have a car buyer that puts optimal cash in your hand. Get your unwanted car sold with us!

Speed Car Removal Free Service

Why Choose Us?

When you choose Speed Car Removal as your car buyer in Perth you choose a company that has built its reputation on honesty, reliability, and integrity. We are a buyer that cares about the prices we offer for cars of any make and condition, and the services we provide as each is a reflection of our company. When we buy cars, we do not make the transaction an ordeal. We make the transaction one that is quick and clean, assuring our services so that the sale of your car is hassle free.

When you choose Speed Car Removal, we want to make you our top dollars cash offer of up to $9,999.

How It Works

To get your car sold and removed starts with a phone call or contact us through our website form at the top of this page. Our buying system is designed to be fast and convenient, working in this 5 steps:

  1. Contact us and let us know the make, model, year, and condition of your car.
  2. Accept or reject our Cash for Cars quote.
  3. Schedule a free car removal at a time convenient for you.
  4. Gather your title of ownership for the car, your photo ID, and remove the plates while you wait for our technician to arrive with the paperwork and cash to buy your car!
  5. Count your cash.

Our buying system is that quick and convenient. To get a quick quote or gather more information on our services, contact us over the phone or via online.

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